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Social Media Marketing Explained Under Minutes

What is Social Media Marketing?

If you are not familiar with these words then you are on the right page. What is the fuss all about? Why is everyone business owner talking about it?  As you can see, Digital Marketing has been quite revolutionary in building business. We have seen small start-ups reaching the heights of the Fortune 500 and so on. To break it down for you, it is the means of using Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to promote, advertise and propagate your services or brand.

If you are wondering how can these platforms designed for entertainment generate and grow businesses? Well, we have been doing it and it’s been working quite fine. Digital Marketing is the future of businesses, and it is uncanny that Google is the one dictating these changes. How does it work?

Google has changed the way people conduct business and how consumers look for service providers. If you have ever needed service, you open your smartphone or your desktop; proceed to open Google Search and key in the services you are looking for. For example, you could search for – the best digital marketing service in Canada providers around me. This is all it takes and your business pulls up. Now, all this is impossible if not for the masterminds sitting behind a system somewhere creating content writing and optimizing work to ensure that your business is the first to pull up on Google Search. So, as simple as it seems, it works wonders.

This is a sign for you to get your business online. Forget about traditional marketing. If not, carry on with it, but divert your complete attention to Digital Marketing. This is what your business needs.

  • This would include services such as web design and development. It will give the business a head start. Content Marketing will be crafted in a manner that ensures that your business ranks no. 1.
  • Following this, the content once created cannot remain stagnant. Analyses have to be conducted, the rectification made and optimization of the content is a must.
  • Gradually creating online social media pages that promote and propagate the business will result in increasing visibility and diverting traffic to the business website.

As simple as it sounds, it does involve tedious work.

How can Social Media pages generate income? No question here is silly. As much as it sounds simple the process is elaborate but doable. Creativity, connectivity and consistency are the three C’s that Social Media Marketing needs.

When it comes to social media platforms, creators need to generate individuality yet at the same time reach the masses. This is the true challenge of Digital Marketing. Reaching the target audience, yet drawing in new users.

Here’s the last pointer.

Stay relevant! Stay trendy! Keep it personal! Touch a nerve here and there if you must. It works wonders.

If you want your business to stay in the game and remain relevant, get in touch with us at KaizenPal. Our Social Media experts can’t wait to work their skills to elevate your business.


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