How SEO works in digital marketing?

How SEO works in digital marketing?

First, let’s start with what exactly SEO is. SEO is nothing but “Search Engine Optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic to your website from organic, free, editorial, or natural search results in the Google search result. SEO will help increase your website’s position in the Google search result. Remember, the higher your website position, the more clients you will get.

SEO involves the following activities:
 Finding the relevant keywords for your website that have good search traffic potential
 Creating quality, creative, and attractive content for users and search engines
 Adding links from relevant and quality partner sites
 Measuring and evaluating the performance of SEO
 These days, SEO is the vital marketing activity that grasps customers.

Listed below are the three pillars of SEO:
As a Digital marketing company in Montreal, it is vital to know how Google users on Google search results find a brand, company, or website. The three pillars which make SEO unique are listed below:

Technical Optimization:

The activities we undertake on a website to improve SEO, except the content, is technical optimization.

On-page Optimization:

It is optimizing the content on your website to make it more relevant and user-friendly. It also includes adding highly-searchable keywords to your content.

Off-page Optimization:

It is the process of enhancing the site’s search engine rankings from outside the website. It includes site reputation and generating backlinks.

How are SEO and paid searches different?

The first difference is that paid searches will appear at the top of the search engines, whereas organic results will be beneath them.
The paid search can get you the expected result in minutes, while organic search excellence will take more time.
You will have to pay for each ad click in paid search, whereas in organic search, the traffic is free, but you will have to invest the resource and time.
Over the long run, organic search will get you the best returns on your investment, while with paid search, you can measure the best returns shortly.
Share of traffic:
Only 30% of clicks come with paid search, whereas 70% of clicks come with organic search.


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