Facebook Rebranding

Facebook rebranding

Rebranding Facebook and Social Media Marketing

There has been quite a lot of talk on the rebranding of Facebook and a possible change of name. Are they true or simple rumors? And, what does it mean for the experts of Social Media Marketing? Will there be a change? Will it affect the way we conduct our Facebook marketing strategies? There are only two ways to go about it – either the change will bring growth or Facebook can come crashing down. For now, let’s not assume the worst.

Like we have mentioned a few times, the only consistent factor about the digital world is change. Changes should be made in order to stay relevant. The same applies to digital marketing as well. Facebook, a Social Media platform that has 2.85 billion Users needs to rebrand itself then why not your business? Need quick tips, replicate all that the big guys do, and in turn replicate success.

Here’s what we can learn from Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO of Facebook and the idea to rebrand.

  1. Appear Fresh and Relevant – With the constant evolution of people, technology, preference and so much more, shouldn’t your business keep up to the same changes. Something that business owners fail to understand is that evolution is necessary. This is where re-branding kicks in. This concept of rebranding goes way beyond the scope of changing a logo and adding a few new slogans. The changes should extend to the way business is conducted, adding technological enhancements, using new modes to marketing and finding a way to stay atop the trends.

If this means your business needs to spend a few extra bucks, go ahead because this will result in longevity.

  1. Out with the old – Social obligations are changing along with time as well. Throw out the old ways of dealing with business. Transfer everything online; use the benefits of online marketing. Revamp that website if you should, rewrite content writing with more relevant lingo and watch the spike in the number of people visiting your business’ website. A spike in traffic will invariably lead to a spike in revenue over time. Forget about traditional ways of marketing. The world is your oyster, dream big and hit a global market.

Keep up with trends, join social movements, and splash your business all over social media if you must. Adapt and watch how this could work in the favor of your business.

  1. Holes in your pocket – Rebranding will cost your business a fortune but how about having no fortune at all in a couple of years. Start a rebranding campaign, make an announcement of a launch date on a social media platform, and throw a virtual party if you have to because the decision to rebrand your business is its day of rebirth. When you’ve decided to rebrand, do not just recreate and revamp the company but instead create a movement, stand for a cause; apply those changes and sit back to watch how your business grows.

Social Media platforms are perfect for these announcements. Choose a countdown on Instagram, plan a daily scheduled launch on Facebook, roll out a few interactive sessions on LinkedIn and take the time to let your users know that you are here to be the change the business has witnessed.

If rebranding has been on your mind or if it has been the last point of discussion in the board room, make it a priority, bring it to the top. Make sure that you get every member on board and take the leap.


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